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This LifeDesks project is funded by an Encyclopedia of Life Rubenstein Fellowship to Cameron Siler, and is a large component of the international joint venture, PhilBREO.  PhilBREO is dedicated to bringing biodiversity research and educational tools to the public. Through a collaborative effort of international students and researchers, we work to develop an extensive database of information and tools available in an online environment. Furthermore, given a general paucity of information on Philippine amphibians and reptiles, and effective environmental-based public education methods currently available, this project will work to continually develop this online tool that we hope will help to integrate studies of biodiversity, biogeography, education, conservation, and language.

We are indebted to the support of the Encyclopedia of Life, and welcome collaborations with interested students and researchers.



We are currently working on a large database update for PhilBREO, which will include additional data for species accounts currently available on the site.  Additionally, we have nearly completed accounts for all species of Philippine snakes and will make these accounts available with the next full update to the database.  


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